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Get Meetings for a Room (GetUserAvailability) EWS

Back again with and Exchange Web Services (EWS) post. This covered what seemed like a difficult thing to do, that is, to get a room’s availability. I did find a...

Creating Meetings in EWS (Exchange Web Services)

This last week I’ve been playing around with Exchange Web Services, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure, then you know resources are thin. So I may be making another...

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Side-loading an appx package onto Windows 10

I was running into a problem with Heep that only affected the deployed app in the store and not while debugging. So I wanted to side-load the appx package so...

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How to fix VSTS API 400 Bad Request DelegatedAuthorizationException

Real quick, I was integrated with the VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) API by calling, and I was getting the following: